I Met My Husband on Rich Single Man: Online Dating Succes Stories Are No Myth

Meet a rich man for dating Today, no matter millionaires, elite singles or ordinary people believe that online dating can help them to find a perfect match. I say this as someone who tried both offline dating and online dating for years before I finally found my husband--on a website for meeting rich people , of all places. It sounds crazy, but I think that within twenty years, people like me will not be in the minority. Instead, people will routinely be seeking their spouses online. Now, I'll tell you my story and maybe you'll see why.

Safety and Online Dating

Let's get this out of the way right now: Yes, there are do exist serious disadvantages to online dating even if a rich dating website needs to verify members identity. There are security and safety concerns.

But this is where a strong sense of self-preservation and a safer online dating alliance come in. Be careful, be careful, investigate this person, don't go to him right away, let others know everything. This is safe online dating 101.

The Rich single man treaty would say: trust no one too good to be true. Never.

My story -- how did I meet my husband on Richsingleman.org

I look up a lot of personal online dating sites - SDM(Sugar daddy meet), DoctorDatingOnline.com, Match.com, almost all the big ones.

One thing I've learned is that the people who successfully find a partner on these sites is the mainstream. They do ordinary jobs... They drink coffee at Starbucks every morning... They really wanted to meet "a lively, well-built, successful, easygoing, unpretentious person who likes to go for a walk on the beach on valentine's day and be surrounded by flowers."

In other words, they are fun-loving ordinary people looking for someone more regular and mainstream than me.

Every personality matching test I take shows that I'm best suited to about 0.002% of the population. In other words, finding my Mr. Right is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After a few years of trying the "biggest and best" personal websites, I decided to give up. Oh, and by the way, the singles bar environment of chat rooms and instant messaging is not my thing -- I'm an overly cautious person, and every flirty comment sends me panic-struck to the exit.

Finally, I hung out at a rich single man one night and did something that few women do. I uploaded my profile and photos. I know - personal ads here, all over the place?

Looking back, I can't think how I had the courage. Years later, I was married, had children, and settled down. Since then, I've heard a lot of horror stories about dating on a rich people website. But at the time, I must have felt reckless.

Are Quick Internet Marriages Reckless and Fated for Divorce?

Some might say that the speed of marriage is destiny.

I looked into this and found that it was actually a myth, based on:

Expert advice - self-appointed dating experts and researchers admit that good relationships have nothing to do with long-term relationships.

Convinced that the length of a date does not determine the success or failure of a marriage, I told the rich people dating website of my amazing discovery (he liked it when I talked about him like I had discovered on my Riviera vacation) that we could go. We went.

Create A profile

I took picture after picture of what I thought was the most flattering. I made sure I was fat -- I didn't want to trick anyone into thinking I was thin. I took out this book, my mom appeared hint-hint, and gave me advice on how to create a profile list of how to get the best type of response from a guy whose husband was 35 years old (using Harvard business school as I know it) and followed it, and I wanted to hear the opposite, another type.

In the first 48 hours, I received more than 60 responses. This may seem like a lot, but it's not a lot compared to the women who post beautiful young photos and interesting young profiles on the site. Even normal, conservative profiles. I'm middle-aged (in my 30s), a cardholder for gen X, a geek, more ironic than fun-loving, and not in any easily identifiable territory.

I wrote back to most of them, either to let them know "thanks, but no thanks," or to let them know "well, you look interesting."

Who were these guys who contacted me?

There were some really nice guys who happened to be twenty years younger or older than I was. I didn't eliminate them right off, because, well, who knows?

But there were some good, my-kind-of-guys who were my age, too. I mean, really good husband material--smart, nice, reliable, creative, and they seemed to like me, too. At the very least, I might have made some good friendships over the course of the next year.

That was my plan. I'd hoped to spend about a year dating various candidates and then, if I was lucky, it would work out with one of them in twelve months, more or less.

What happened, though, was that a man wrote to answer my rich single man ad, I spent one week talking to him online, we met in person, got engaged two weeks later, and were married in three months. Oops. And wow.

Do you still deem that meeting love online is a myth? Now that I could find my partner online, you can do it.