How Can A Woman Successful Marry A Christian Millionaire?

christian mingle Marriage is a serious affair that requires commitment from both parties. Successful marriage demands that both the man and the woman love each other unconditionally. However, there is no denying that fact that issues of race, ethnicity, language, and religion play significant roles in the success of any marriage. For instance, it would be difficult for people from two polarized religious faiths to come together and lead a happy life.

There would be concessions to make, and many of these adjustments will need to be made right from the courtship stage. In this post, we shall discuss how to charm a Christian man into a relationship that could potentially lead to a happily ever after''. First Things First.

Learn A Thing Or Two About Christianity Well, as you are planning on dating a Christian millionaire, it is only natural that you learn some basic doctrines and creeds of Christianity, especially if you are from a different religion altogether. A good place to begin is to acquaint yourself with Biblical teachings on marriage.

Learn what the Bible says of courtship, weddings, keys to successful marriages, the place of children and even divorce. Not that you are planning on selling your faith to him, but understanding his religious ideals will go a long way in solving some of marriage's common challenges.

Know Where To Look

Like any other men out there, you expect Christian millionaire singles to hang out at some joint. Well, there are plenty of places where you can look depending on your locality. Obviously, the first place to search for a Christian millionaire single is in Church. You will notice them by their posh cars and a remarkable sense of urgency in whatever they do. However, most Christian singles are so simple and laid-back that you may miss them altogether. If the Church does not work for you, you may try checking them out in Christian seminars and symposiums near you However, the surest place to find rich Christian singles is on dating forums.

Sites such as Christian Mingle were begun with the sole purpose of matching Christian singles. You can start by creating a profile on these Christian dating websites and then proceed to learn the interests of your prospective partner to see whether you are a perfect match for one another or not. Once you have established he is the one, you can proceed to chat them using the site's private chat features, after which an offsite meeting would be arranged and the rest is history.

Set A Date

Once you have identified a potential match, whether, from an online or physical forum, it is time to set a date. The first thing to remember is to choose a simple and decent venue. A simple venue is a way of telling your potential match that though you understand they are millionaires, you are not after their money.

Don't worry because if everything works out fine at this stage, things might be fancier from now on. When it comes to the decency of a venue, we would encourage a public eatery that serves non-alcoholic drinks, and with a bit of modesty. Remember, he is a Christian too and he has ideas to keep.

Know What To Expect

It is important to remember the keywords - Christian millionaire. In short, you are not only seeking to marry any rich man but a rich Christian man. Dating a rich man is a tricky affair and when it comes to a rich Christian, the stakes can be even higher depending on how deep their attachment to religion is. It is important to understand that your prospective husband is most probably a very busy career person. He could be a business mogul, a cultured entrepreneur or high-ranking personnel in the corporate ladder.

Therefore, it is important to understand that occasionally, he will be bogged down by the demands of his work. When he comes home after a tiring day in the office, why not calm him down by reading a short inspiration from the Bible, before possibly gorging him down with the joys of the flesh. A Christian millionaire, like any other millionaires out there, needs a supportive wife who will help lighten the yoke of corporate responsibilities while also discharging her duties as a wife.

Make Concessions

Where Necessary

Any relationship requires both parties to make some concessions so that they can accommodate one another. Expect the case to be no different if you are looking to marry a rich man, and by extension a rich Christian man. First off, if you are a party animal, it is time to understand that his busy work schedules may not afford him any free times except on weekends or when he is on leave. And if you are from a different faith, discuss with him the possibility of converting into Christianity. He would be happy helping you convert into Christianity, but he should be satisfied if you choose to keep your faith. It is all a matter of winning some and losing some for a healthy and productive relationship.

Fulfill Your Duties Of A Wife

Well, you are now a pair so always see to it you fulfill your duties as a wife. For a successful marriage, always begin your day with a prayer and some devotion. It will help him get through challenges at his place of work. After the morning devotion, prepare him for work the usual way any wife does to her husband. And when he comes from work, welcome him like you were always looking forward to his return. Discuss a bit about work but do not focus too much on it. Help him release all work-related tensions and before retiring to bed, spare some more time for devotion.

Lastly, it is important to discuss questions of sexual reproduction together. Remember those rich men are so conscious about childbearing. And as a rich Christian, it is important to uncover his views on this topic. Does he believe in one or many children? What's his take on family planning? Such issues will help your marriage flourish if discussed beforehand.