How to recognize a Millionaire: Serious or Playboy?

date a manHave you dreamed of joining an online dating site finding a millionaire for love? If you truly want to meet a rich man for love on dating site, you should know that whether he deserves you for love. Is he a playboy around for fun, or is he serious? Read below tip carefully:

Actions speak louder than words. Many millionaires would like to say something sweet, without really paying attention to the words. Does he send you gifts because you love pink roses and jeweled trinkets, or does he remember your birthday and be ready a surprise for you. You may think that millionaires appear to be listening when they’re off in their own little world? But a millionaire who not only listens to what you’re saying but actually remembers these details may be the man who truly loves you.

You are the Unique for him. Is he not answering his telephone calls? Or perhaps he won’t give you his work number? It’s possible he’s not quite ready to commit, or perhaps he’s being a playboy and wants to keep you compartmentalized in a small part of his life. If there’s no hesitation on his part to introduce you to friends or family or give you his full contact details, no matter where he is, he may be a keeper.

He’s available to you. Is your partner available at a moment’s notice? Perhaps you’re moving, and he offers to lend a hand. He wants to drive you to your appointments. Or, maybe he doesn’t. If he’s never available when you’re in need, this may be a sign that he’s spending a lot of time around other women, who aren’t you. You should think carefully whether be with him.

Advance planning. Can your rich man make plans in advance and stick to them? This is a good sign he’s committed. But if he’s a playboy, chances are he can’t plan in advance, and will just pick the best offer for Friday or Saturday night.

He’s supportive of your career. He’ll care about you details about work, and follow up on meetings you were worried about. He’ll encourage you to study and learn. On the other hand, the playboy may encourage you to quit your job, so you can hang out with him all day. Which initially sounds great, but what happens after he dumps you?

He shows public affection. He’s not afraid of hugging or kissing in public, because there’s no chance he’s going to run into another girlfriend. But if he is a playboy and looks anxiously around when you step closer, you may want to find out why.

Perhaps you can recognize which one is serious or playboy in your life, though it is not easy to meet a single millionaire or other wealthy men for dating or even marrying, never give up looking for. You never know, out of all the rich men looking for marriage , you may find the right one for you.