How to Distinguish a Scammer on a Rich Men Dating Site?

date a manNowadays, many online dating sites are increasing at an amazing speed. Sure, there are many genuine women who are looking for an elite, celebrity and even a millionaire as their partner, some are obviously scammers. Being aware of the way the scammers are and talk to you, will help you in figuring out who is “real”. By getting rid of the ones cheating you will increase the opportunity of finding a genuine woman.

Suspicious photo

By browsing their profile uploaded on site, if it looks over good looking or it can be searched on google, you'd better care for. This will help you recognize 100% whether she is a scammer or not, who is aiming at your money.

She says she is self-employed

While she may very well run her own business or just work for herself, if she cannot tell you what she does, it could be because she’s a scammer. If she brings up finance a lot or asks you for money before she has even met you in person, it is the high time to cut off all contact.

She claims to be local but is always unavailable

If she exclaims to live near you but is never free to meet up for a drink.etc. this is not good news! The number one excuse for scammers who do this is that they say “I’m out of town that weekend on business, definitely another time though!” If this happens more than once, it’s probably best to assume that she isn’t being genuine with you.

They are rich, young and attractive.

Meeting a young, rich and attractive woman is what all men dream of but you need to ask yourself, “is that true?” If she is crazing about you and swear to love you all her life, it more likely a scammer. Watch out!

Hope you have known that how to distinguish a scammer online dating sites with our help. Now that you are a rich single man who looks forward to finding a soulmate on dating sites, you have to learn about some relative knowledge which can help you increase the chance of dating a true love.