Are you dating a rich single man who really cares about you?

best rich men dating sites Do you want to know whether the rich man you date really care about you? There are a few tips to distinguish whether they truly love you. If he doesn't have, it is the high time to leave him.

1. He respects your boundaries and feelings

He is selfish in bed? He tried to pressure you into sex or any sex don't you feel well just because he wants to do? If so, do you have your answer? A rich man who cares about you will wish you happy and comfortable. He might ask you whether you feel good is going to try and respect your reply (radical idea!). Of course, this is not just sex.

2. He asks how you are and means

Almost everyone you meet will open the "how are you? "Hell, almost in the United States if you say" hello ". The key is to listen to, is interested in your reply, not want you to say "good", and move on. A person who cares you would want to know what you're doing. He wants to know your day.

3. He would not let him

He did not complain about his need to you if you don't feel well, he wants to, he thought how his behavior affects you before he does them, he works and your plan/medium/long-term future nearby (depending on how long you together). Basically, wealthy men who care about you to register you as a person is very important.

4. He cares about your well-being and comfort

He makes sure you are not too hot or too cold, he asked if you want to have a glass of water, he offers to take care of you if you are not feeling well.

5. He is not when you complain about things that make you upset

Some people only happy to hear about your day is good, but if you put the things bothering you, they don't want to know. A man tells you to forget annoying woman interrupt you don't have to do it in the supermarket because he doesn't care about you, boring, but when you have a very bad experience). He might just think this kind of event is one of the best forgotten rather than thinking about a few hours until you are blue in the face, he is right! If, on the other hand, he rejected a more serious problem didn't give you any emotional support, he may just not interested in you. Compare his attitude towards your problem and he talks about his treatment. His age on his question and you? He wants you to listen to and support him? The answer to this question will tell you all you need to know.

6. In fact when he screws to give a sincere apology and trying to improve

The occasion of each screw. Even the best - a fancy people can occasionally go wrong. But if someone really cares, he will be responsible for his mistake, really try to avoid doing the same in the future. His apology is not in order to appease you, so you can enjoy another is taken for granted, but as an actual, real apology, followed by a real commitment and action to match better.

If you want to marry a rich man who you are dating now, think carefully whether he truly loves you.