How to use your wealthy attract women?

best rich men dating sitesNaturally, there will be a lot of beautiful women around with a successful and rich man. But do you know how to use your wealth to attract women and find your soul mate?

You go out and buy a nice house -- a swimming pool, even a tennis court -- a summer house and a limousine. You think your life is complete -- except when you have company. You would like a beautiful woman to put her arm around you.

So you start following on rich men dating sites or millionaire dating sites for established men. You look at profiles of many beautiful, accomplished, and sexy women. You start thinking that you can get any of them.

You might be wrong

The media and movies may tell you that rich men always get young, beautiful women, but that's not always the case. While money certainly doesn't make a man less attractive, it's not all that makes a woman less attractive. Modern women have their own careers and are more independent than in the past. Here are some of the things they're looking for:

Women want a man with a sense of adventure

Let’s say you made your money on Wall Street, or as a lawyer or an investor. You probably have a very cautious personality. Don’t bring that boring, said state of mind into your personal life, or worse, into the bedroom. Take your earnings and go on some adventures. Go camping, go hiking, take a weekend trip to Vegas, fly her to Paris for the week or channel your youth at Walt Disney World. After all, you only live once.

Women want a man who is generous

If you’re a rich man, but you’re cheap and never spend any of it, what’s the use of having the money in the bank? Are you hoarding the money so you can say that you have it? Women want you to do something good with the money. Give regularly to charities, support your favorite causes, and take your less wealthy friends out to dinner. Buy her gifts every so often. We’re not saying that you have to finance her shopping habit, but just don’t be a miser, especially when you can afford it.

Women want a man with great values

Women actually care where that money comes from. If you’re a rich man, but you’re involved in illegal activity, that will make her run away. If you came by the money doing something unethical, that will also make her think twice. Women want you to do something noble, or at least legal, for a living.

Women want a man who isn’t stuffy

If you’re very serious and working 24-7 to make your riches, that’s not good, either. Learn to let go, and to take holidays. Take the time to play, and to relax with her. What good is it if you have the money, but you don’t have time to enjoy it? She’ll soon look elsewhere for a company, and you won’t want that.

Remember, money isn’t everything. It makes life easier, and more comfortable, but it really is about how you use it. Making full use of your affluent to look for a woman who is love to companion all your life.